How to invest 500 $ – start an online business

How to invest 500 dollars ? I suspect most people who don’t invest avoid it because they assume you need to start with thousands of dollars. Believe it or not, that just isn’t true. You can actually get started investing with $500 or $100.

6 ways how to invest 100 Dollars:

First way to invest 100 dollars: High Interest Savings Account 

Second way to invest 100 dollars: Pay off Your credit card

Third way to invest 100 dollars : Start a blog

Fourth way to invest 100 dollars: Buy a good book

Fifth way to invest 100 dollars: Find a deal

Sixth way to invest 100 dolars: invest in you retirment accounts

When operating on a limited budget, the key is to choose invetments that offer the most value for every dollar.

Anyone can start a money-making online business—anyone with a computer. For example drop shipping, affiliate marketing, blogging, online video, information products

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